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IvyFON FAQ answers questions about IvyPlus events, the web site and other items.

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IvyFON is a peer to peer family office network formed for professionals in the family office space, institutional investors and related industries. We limit the number and type of service providers who may attend our events based on prior history with other networks and experience with how those networks declined in quality once their core members left. We are not a group for job hunters who are not presently employed in the space or career transitioners.
Competitors are not allowed to attend.
Event Etiquette:
IvyFON networking events are known for their efficiency and brevity in formal introduction and over allocation of time for informal networking. We expect members to be brief in their introductions or dialogues in group meetings and to sell only their own services that they deliver, not the services of consulting or financial supermarkets they represent.
Event Waiting List for Service Providers:
Ivyplus has overwhelming demand for participation from service providers. As a result, we have created a waiting list for service providers who want to participate in our events. Service provider participation is judged by the value, strength and diversity of contacts they bring to the group and re-evaluated routinely.
Exceptional Attendees:
Ivyplus has overwhelming demand for participation from attendees who are looking for jobs, i.e. job hunters or are in un-related fields. Exceptional attendance may be allowed on a one-off basis but is not granting of membership or regular invitation to group events.
Membership Leaders Composition:
Ivyplus has been formed by alumni of Global Top 50 universities. They represent Hedge Funds, Private Equity Firms including Venture Capital, Family Offices, Real Estate Funds, REITS, Institutional Investors and High Net Worths.
Refund Policy:
Ivyplus events historically sell out quickly. Holding a ticket for a prolonged period of time and seeking a refund reduces our ability to sell and price our events correctly. Therefore our refund policy for registrants is as follows: Refunds are available 1 month in advance of an event. There are no refunds within a month of the event. A credit may be offered for a cancellation within a month of an event. Credits for attendees are only allowed once a year. For speakers cancellations are even more damaging to planning and pricing an event, there are no refunds within 1 month of an event, only credits. Speakers are only allowed credits for an event once a year. Any second cancellations for multi-event speakers results in forfeiture of a speaker credit.
Cancellation Policy:
Ivyplus has run events during natural or manmade disasters such as the January blizzards of 2011 and 2012. Our policy is to attempt to run an event with the only exceptions being a terrorist event (Boston 2013) or inaccessibility of a site.